Concept Development

Tells us about your idea, and let us help develop it into a concept that can sell!

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Concept Development

From the very first time you step inside the door at imangu, we start to learn and understand your ideas, not matter if it is a new web platform or a ground breaking app. The initial idea often needs to be nurtured into a business concept with a concrete plan for development, administration, earnings, etc.

We will come up with better solutions, based on our concrete and practical experience developing similar projects in the past. 

Whatever it is, a social app, game, an important organizational tool or something completely different, we've tried it before. We know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to turning your idea into a functional user interface.

As part of the planning of your project, we will work with the development of your idea through brainstorming sessions, wireframing, and meetings and conversations where we discuss all aspects of the project.

It is incredibly important to us that we deliver a finished produkt that is viable on the market and lives up to the highest quality requirements.

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When a new client comes to us with an idea for a project, the first step is to make a detailed planning of the project.There is a good reason for not immediately starting development, it is important to mature the idea and describe all aspects in detail before programming. Through brainstorming and wireframing, many issues will come up that hadn't been thought of and it is useful to clean up these issue first.


When you have chosen imangu for your project, our first step is to hold a meeting where you explain your idea to us in depth. We will ask critial questions and make suggestions for improvements and changes based on our extensive experience. We might have to go through a few brainstorming sessions before reaching a viable concept or we might nail it the first time around.


We will build a set of wireframes around the concept that we agreed on during the brainstorming phase. This is an html blueprint of the platform that you can navigate freely in your browser. Functionality, structure, user flow, etc is determined here. We often go through a small handful of versions where all aspects are perfectet.


After wireframing, we will make concept graphic design based on the wireframes. Again, we will go through it as many times as is required until it lives up to your expectations.