Analyzes Danish banks and assesses their risk profile through easy-to-use analytical tools and risk assessment models.


The client has an Excel sheet of over 700 different variables which are used to calculate different bank analyses. Furthermore, there were about another dozen different spreadsheets used for other sections of the website, all of which had to be uploaded into the database and then recalled for frontend use. On top of that, there were some complicated formulas used to calculate things such as the risk analysis index of a certain bank.


Our developers imported all the necessary Excel spreadsheets into the database, but of course they were first changed to the proper format. Now, as each new year passes, the client can upload new data for new years themselves. The frontend was designed to also be as simple as possible, with each analysis section taking up no more than six steps. The complicated formula calculations all happen behind-the-scene.

Final Outcome

If you are a fan of banking and understand the industry, then you should try out BankResearch and see if it has the tools that will help you. You can calculate things like the risk analysis index, or compare a bank’s performance with another list of banks.


Bank research was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. The below methodologies were involved in developing this project over a course of 6 month.

Project Management
Responsive design
Drupal CMS
Drupal Commerce
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang

We have worked together with imangu on building an online tool for advanced analysis of various financial data of the banking sector. The imangu team of project managers and developers work professional and we are very happy with the end result.

Nicholas Rohde Bankresearch CEO