is a marketing automation platform for companies who want an integrated and user-friendly platform to handle their e-marketing activities.


Herobase A/S contacted imangu seeking a co-operation in which imangu was to create a team of developers, who were to maintain, run and integrate novel solutions on to the existing platform. Herobase thus wished for a long-term co-operation, where imangu's technical expertise - especially with regards to Java Script – was to be the crux of the further development and maintenance of the product portfolio on the platform.


Since is a highly complex automation platform, and since the vision for the future aims at continuous integration of new functions, we suggested to gather a team of the best developers on full-time and to attach one of our most experienced project managers. Moreover, we offered to make office facilities available in our offices in Bangkok. With regards to the technicalities, the platform was to be further developed in .NET. Ever since the beginning of our collaboration, the imangu team has continuously been suggesting innovative solutions and integrating new functions.


Nearing its 5th year anniversary, the co-operation has been a fantastic success, and in the latter years, the imangu team has been completely independent. The co-operation was established very quickly and ever since, the communication between the team, Herobase and the clients has been running smoothly. In the past 4 years, the team has been developing custom solutions to clients such as ASE, Gyldendal and Kristeligt Dagblad with remarkable success. For Herobase there have been several advantages to this co-operation, and besides the technical expertise and lower wages which imangu offers, the time difference between Copenhagen and Bangkok has the positive consequence, that the problems Danish clients send to Bangkok, will typically be solved when they meet in the next morning.

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CampaignOne has been developed and maintained in collaboration with imangu for the past 5 years. The following methodologies and technologies have been applied in the process.

Project Management
Team Management
Responsive design
Microsoft SQL
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen
Project Manager
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen

We were struggling to find qualified developers in Denmark, so we started investigating the market for offshore development. We choose imangu because both price and quality seemed the best choice. I would like to add a very positive thing about China because there are fewer holiday days in China and people rarely are absent due to illness or the like, they always solve the tasks on time. If your company needs competencies in Denmark, imangu's setup is a brilliant solution.

Morten Kremmer
CTO - CampaignOne ApS