Danish travel and consultant agency in Shanghai, specialized in planning business and study-trips in China. 


China Experience contacted imangu in 2012 with the desire to have a new and improved webpage developed, with the intention of highlighting the experience and competencies of the company and thus presenting the company from its best side. The goal was a virtual and interactive business card aimed at generating sales leads by reaching a higher ranking on google searches, and to increase the conversion ratio by having a professional and modern design, optimized for mobile units. It was crucial that administration and editing of content was easily manageable and furthermore, they wished for an integrated LinkedIn newsfeed.

Our Solution

We suggested to develop the new website based on the Drupal CMS 7 (Content Management System), since this platform was the most flexible backend on the market. The advantages of Drupal are amongst others, easy editing of content, the possibility of integrating multiple new functions, as well as high quality across the board and thereby it is the best solution for designing a website that is optimized for online searches (google, yahoo etc.). To ensure that potential as well as existing clients situated in China were always guaranteed fast access, we suggested to use Ali Cloud Hosting – the Chinese counterpart to Amazon Hosting. Furthermore, we offered to smoothen out the bureaucratic hurdles that comes with the territory when foreign webpages seek to communicate via Chinese servers.


The China Experience website is a beautiful and modern e-business card, designed in a timeless and Scandinavian look. The solution to use Ali Cloud Hosing ensures that the site loads with lightning speed allover China, as well as throughout the rest of the world. The website is developed in a fully responsive design, which means that its optimized for all screen types, and thus works impeccably on mobile as well as stationary units.


The China Experince website was planned, designed and developed from scratch by imangu over the course of 2 months. The following technologies and methodologies were applied the process.

Project Management
Drupal CMS 7
Responsive design
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang