A website created to promote Denmark and Danish Culture in China. 


The Danish Cultural Institute and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted imangu in 2014, wishing to develop a temporary campaign website about Denmark. The goal was to promote Denmark and Danish culture on the Chinese market, and thus, the website was envisioned to function as a sort of virtual business card for Denmark. Moreover, because of imangu’s expertise and experience with the Chinese market, the Danish Cultural Institute and Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also asking for general consulting on the matter at hand.

Our Solution

We suggested to develop the website from scratch and to base it on Drupal CMS (Content Management System). Drupal is an incredibly flexible back-end system, and it offers the highest quality on the market with regards to load-time, custom-design etc. Our designers suggested that the leitmotif of the website was to be a melting pot of Danish and Chinese Culture, and that the magic of H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales, be the background theme. With regards to marketing, we suggested to develop the site in both English and Chinese and furthermore, to integrate the website with various Chinese social media like Youkou and Weibo. The website was to be fully responsive with special attention paid to mobile units, as it is via the phone that most Chinese access the Internet.

Final Outcome

The Culture Denmark website was a timeless fusion of Danish and Chinese aesthetics and culture. A story about Denmark that both spoke to the mind and the soul of the Chinese turist. The website had an integrated Weibo newsfeed (Chinese counterpart to Twitte) and was integrated with Youkou (Chinese counterpart to Youtube), so that it could be promoted on the most popular Chinese marketing channels. Moreover, the website was optimized to handle the many thousand visitors the website had during its longevity, and both load-time and overall quality was outstanding.


CULTURE DENMARK was planned, designed and developed from scratch by imangu over the course of 2 months. The following methodologies and technologies were applied.

Project Management
Responsive design
Drupal CMS
Rest API
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang