Hurrah is a new and revolutionary app for booking short-term workers. It has never been easier for companies and flexible labour to find each other! 


imangu was contacted by the team behind this revolutionary idea for an app for booking short-term workers. The goal was to create a highly intelligent platform, from which flexible workers could easily find jobs, and from which companies could hire temporary workers with just a few clicks. Everything should be fully automated so that companies simply select the most suitable candidates and click on the "hire" button. If the interest is mutual, the App manages all administration.


In order to succeed in developing an App that matched the vision, we proposed to build two Native Apps. One for the iOS and one for the Android operating system. Native Apps are the most complex method for developing Apps, but also provides the highest quality on all parameters. In order to guarantee the ultimate user experience, the choice of back-end system was therefore natural. It was agreed that imangu would design the app from scratch, provide sparring regarding the business plan and app features, as well as provide analysis and plan the process going forward.


We are incredibly proud to have developed Hurrah and have high expectations for the App's potential to take over the market for temp-booking. The app has been developed with scaling in mind, so it can be extended to other types of work than flex-jobs, as well as to other countries. The design is incredibly user-friendly and makes it is easy and intuitive to hire new employees. The app uses a similar rating system as Über, so employees can be chosen on the basis of both the merits of previous job assignments as well as qualifications. With Hurrah, companies can now hire temporary workers by a few clicks on a phone. All the administrative tasks are managed by the platform. It could not be easier!

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Hurrah was designed and developed from scratch by imangu. Over the course of 3 months, the following services and technologies where applied.

Project Management
Native iOS/Android
PHP 7.2 Custom Code
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang