ISFJORD distils luxury spirits with the purest water that can be found on earth, namely water from the 10,000-year-old glaciers in Greenland.


ISFJORD contacted imangu with the desire to develop a website for handling sales and marketing of their luxury spirits. The most important thing for ISFJORD was that the design should represent the high quality that characterizes the product being sold, as well as tell the unique story behind the company. In addition, the website should be integrated with various social media so that the website could be actively used as a marketing tool.


We proposed to develop the website in Drupal CMS 8 (Content Management System). As Drupal is the back-end system on the market, which offers the longest quality and flexibility in terms of integrating new features, which also allows the development of a tailored design, the choice of Drupal was natural. We proposed to develop and test the website so that it responds perfectly to all screen types, including smartphone, tablet and PC. In addition, we also offered a complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so the website would be geared to reach a high ranking on various search engines, including especially Google.


ISFJORD's new website invites visitors to take part in the great story that is the basis for the development of their quality spirits. Large-scale high-resolution images of, among other things, the Greenlandic nature, and a fluid combination of colors that complement the individual types of spirits form the basis of the sub-pages, which can be easily and intuitively navigated by a few clicks of the mouse or touchscreen. We are proud to have designed and developed this website and share ISFJORD's enthusiastic assumptions that it will form the basis for a significant increase in sales of the world's purest spirits.

ISFJORD case banner

ISFJORD was designed and developed from scratch by imangu. Over the course of the 1-month process, the following services and technologies where included.

Project Management
Drupal CMS 8
Responsive Design
Custom Design
PHP 7.2
Social Media Integration
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang