Jing Zi

Yingzi Jianghu is a Chinese language social media app aimed at martial arts enthusiasts in China. It enables them to meet and train with people of all styles.


We needed to create a comprehensive social media app for both Android and iOS with advanced chat functions, precise GPS location, moments update, events etc. Also, the app needed to be fully integrated with Wechat, QQ, Weibo and Alipay APIs for login, cross-platform sharing and third-party payment functions.


The app was developed with user friendliness and design as priorities. The app is easy to navigate and content can freely be shared to users’ other social media (Wechat and Weibo). Chat module was built from scratch, stuffed with unique features.
Third party payment implementation was one of the key challenges. Tenpay and Alipay APIs were implemented and it is possible to send money to other users through these in the app.


The result was a beautiful app with a huge motor under the hood. Custom chat interface enables users to send soundbites, images and files to each other. Events and moments can be shared to Wechat and Weibo integrating the app into the existing social media infrastructure ensuring its success.

Jing Zi Case Image

Jing Zi was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. The below methodologies were involved in developing this project over a course of 3 month.

Project Management
Native iOS
Native Android
App Server
Rasmus Bengtsen
Project Manager
Rasmus Bengtsen

In took 8 months to plan and develop, but the result is also next to perfect. We have been happy working with imangu and recommend them to anyone that needs professional app developers.

CEO Jing Zi