Finally, an easy and smart way to keep track of things - Mindzoo makes it easy to keep track of all the small and large details of your everyday life.


The people at Mindzoo had an interesting idea that would make it easier to keep track of all the big and small details going on in our lives. Out of this need was born the idea for an Internet service where the user would be able to enter and structure the exact information he or she needed—quick and easy.


What we developed for Mindzoo was very a professional, user-friendly website where users can compose a personal notebook on the network after they register. There are a total of 32 notebooks, and users can tailor their Mindzoo to the exact items they need, as well as share their notes and get reminders. In the last step we also provided guidance on how to analyze their website’s performance using tools such as Google Analytics.


We developed a very user-friendly and attractive website that’s in line with Mindzoo's ideas and needs. Mindzoo's subscribers are continuously increasing in number—you can create a Mindzoo subscription for free!

Mindzoo Case Image

Mindzoo was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. The below methodologies were involved in developing this project over a course of 1 month.

Project Management
Responsive design
Drupal CMS
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen
Project Manager
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen

"Putting the development of Mindzoo.dk in the hands of imangu has been a totally positive experience. Everything worked out to my satisfaction, from the database structure for the backend and the frontend, to the integration with the payment gateway, the integration with MailChimp, and the integration with Google Analytics, etc.
 First and foremost, communication with the project manager at imangu has been in the top. Structure and progress were on track the entire time, and commitment from the entire team has been simply in a class by itself. Yes, of course we've had challenges along the way, but everything was handled quickly and professionally.
 I highly recommend imangu, and welcome continued cooperation with them."

Klaus Bundgård
Mindzoo.dk, CEO