My Mind is Yours

A completely new way to envision a social app. My Mind is Yours makes contacting others through the app both fun and exciting.


The customer came to us at imangu, with the idea to develop a social app which creates contact between users in a completely new and innovative way. The idea was to remove as many barriers as possible and get users to write each other without any preconceptions based on profile pictures and descriptions. The app thus makes it possible for users to challenge others without prejudices or expectations.


From the get go it was clear that this app had the potential to become an enormous success and acquire many users. Therefore, we recommended developing the app as a Native app for iOS and Android with a PHP app Backend. Furthermore, the design had to be custom built from scratch, to match all aspects of the concept. 


The result is a beautiful app with a smooth design, making it simple and easy to use. Without any noteworthy marketing, the app got 200 users on the first day after being launched, and as these words are written the number of users has risen to several thousand. From the beginning the app was developed in both English and German and is now about to be launched on the German market, where we all expect it to be a big success.

My Mind Is Yours case image

My Mind is Yours was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. The following methodologies where applied during the development, over the course of 2 months.

Project Management
App Server
Native apps
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen
Project Manager
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen

My Mind is Yours is the result of a perfect co-operation with imangu. As we had never tried developing an app before, it was very important for us to find the right partner. We found that in imangu.
imangu made the process manageable from the beginning, and safely guided us through the process. imangu are quick to grasp the idea behind one’s project, and thereafter plans out a realistic strategy. This goes for both the design part and the actual development.
What you don’t understand is explained to you in a pleasant way, and whatever problems occurs during the process is solves in the best way and in a pleasant tone.
We are VERY proud of our app and look forward to the continued process.

Anders Mortensen.