Odds Battle

Odds Battle is the App where you can challenge your friends, to find out who amongst you is the ultimate at playing the odds.


imangu was contacted by the former professional poker player and tenacious hobby odds player Allan. Allan had a good idea, to develop an App through which friends, colleagues and acquaintances could odds against each other in a friendly manner, and battle for virtual money – Battle Dollars – for the right to gloat. The App was to be integrated with social media and various odds sites, for it to operate with live-odds.


We suggested developing the App as Native for both the iOS and Android operating systems. Native Apps are the most complex to develop, but they also provide the far superior quality with regards to design, responsivity on different screen types, and when integrating various functions. Since the goal of the app was a large user base, as well as the integration of email, social media etc., going Native was the obvious choice. The funding of the App got secured via crowdfunding, which has provided a great base for marketing, as there are many stakeholders who can increase the user count through their network.


Odds Battle is a gaming app with a large-scale potential. The design is user-friendly, so that all people who enjoys playing the odds can join in, no matter their level of IT-proficiency. It is developed for and tested on all types of smartphones and tablets, and is thusly optimized so that everyone can join in. Furthermore, there is a huge potential for further development, since we during the planning phase have thought out a line of new functions that can easily be integrated as the App’s user count rises.

Odds Battle Case image

Odds Battle was designed and developed from scratch by imangu. During the course of the 4 months long process, the following services and technologies were in play.

Project Management
Native Android/iOS
Responsive Design
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen
Project Manager
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen