China's largest brand of trekking equipment and outdoor clothing. imangu builds 4 websites that gathers their brand, sales and customer contact under one administration and makes marketing a breeze.


Ozark Gear came to imangu immediately after they had launched their new website. They were not happy with their old design and wanted a complete redesign of the website, as well as some new features. Ozark Gear also wanted to get an independent B2B website, where their dealers could get offers and other promotional materials, as well as a mini fan site where they could easily communicate with their customers. All this put together in a responsive design, set the bar high for imangu's.


imangu was aware that Ozark Gear's brand image was the most important, and as a result of this, the design was the biggest challenge. imangu competed among other designers to come up with the best graphic expression to the 4 new websites. imangu recommended developing the 4 websites in Drupal 7 CMS, which would make the day-to-day administration a breeze. Drupal makes it easy to add new features later on.


The result is 4 modern responsive websites built in Drupal 7 CMS, completely adapted to Ozark Gear's brand image and business model. Ozark Gear now has 4 websites with a single administration, so they can easily communicate with their customers, distributors, and their many fans. All sites are integrated with Chinese social media as well as Taobao and Tmall, which is China's largest e-commerce platform. Cooperation between Ozark Gear and imangu continues, and future plans include expanding all 4 websites with cool new features.

Ozark Gear Case Image

OZARK GEAR was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. The below methodologies were involved in developing this project over a course of 2 month.

Project Management
Responsive design
Drupal Commerce
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang