Sweet Child of Mine

Take pictures, record, and remember everything about your child's upbringing. Easy to share with friends and family, and with the smart print to book function, you can even make a beautiful photo album and get it sent to your door.


The customer came to us at imangu with the vision of developing an app that would help save, present and print the many pictures that parents, and grandparents often have in loads, but which up until now wasn’t organizable in an easy and smart way. From the get go, the idea was to make it easy to add pictures to various predefined templates in the app. Furthermore, the customer wanted the virtual photo albums to be purchasable in high quality print. This process had to be automated so that no manual actions where necessary to process and produce the photo albums through the app.


From the beginning we were aware that the challenge was to develop an app through which pictures could easily be inserted into templates and be generated in high solution, so that they might easily be send to a printing company. We suggested to develop an app-server which would automatically convert the users virtual photo albums to 300DPI PDF format, which is the format that the printing company requires to deliver the best quality. Furthermore, we suggested to develop an app-server to which new photo albums could be added in the future, for example with themes such as Christmas, Halloween, summertime etc.


The app is one of our most beautiful creations and furthermore it is an app where various technologies come together in perfect unity. Hereunder the flow between the placement of pictures in templates, the purchase function and the following automated process of sending the files to the printing house and receiving a high-quality print copy in your mailbox. Sweet Child of Mine is an app that we take great pride in, and we hope you will help us improve it for many years to come.

Sweet Child of Mine Case Image

Sweet Child of Mine was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. The following methodologies were applied in developing this project during a course of 3 months.

Project Management
Native iOS
App server
E-pay payment solution
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang

The first option I’ve encountered, that makes it possible to easily create the childs book in hard cover, and get it send to the door via smartphone. Never again will I feel guilty over non-filled books ;-)

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