A social network site developed for the Danish Foreign Ministry in Shanghai - for talented Chinese students and professionals interested in Denmark.


The challenge was to develop a website where talented Chinese students and professionals who have an interest in Denmark, Danish universities and Danish companies can find information about living, studying, and working in Denmark.


The website was developed in Drupal CMS over several steps. Initially we developed a simple version which only listed Danish companies. Later we added more features to the website such as a job board. Finally, we optimized the website for SEO.


The website has become a hot topic of conversation in China and Denmark. It's easy to find information on various jobs, educational opportunities, and business, and the website supports both English and Chinese. Sino-Danish Network has become the natural site for Chinese users seeking tips, advice, and information about Denmark.

Top Talent Denmark Case image

Top Talent Denmark website was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. The below methodologies were involved in developing this project over a course of 3 month.

Drupal CMS
Project Management
Online Marketing
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang

On the basis of imangu's recommendations for optimization of online marketing with a focus on SEO, CPC, and link-building, etc., we are now in the implementation of phase 3, which among other things includes a Chinese microsite in order to create more traffic for the Danish site, called The microsite is hosted in China. imangu is now in the process of adivising us in regards to link-building. Their search enginge optimization and CPC campaign in both English and Chinese has yielded good results.

Heidi Marie Anna Henrika Westerby
Project Officer
Innovation Center Denmark