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Concept Development

Concept Development

Let'shelp develop and design your digital concept?

Before we write so much as a line of code, we offer to go through a both creative and analytically grounded concept development phase, as an isolated and smaller pre-project. The focus is on the problem and the user journey, and there is targeted work towards a well-worked digital concept complete with visual prototype and development plan, which can be used for user tests, testing assumptions, optimizing the business plan and to convince stakeholders and investors.

Many of our customers come to us at an early stage, either because they have got a great idea or have a problem for digitalisation. We thus often start out with a seed of thought, which must be nurtured in order to blossom into an implementation-ready digital business concept. Through our many years of work, we have learned that the best projects are developed on the basis of such solid digital concepts. It is important to mature ideas and map out the details before we embark on the actual programming of a completely new project. Whether it is a tool for internal use in the organization, an app for your customers, user management of hardware (IoT), speech recognition (Machine Learning), a brilliant startup idea, or something else entirely, we have usually tried before and can offer both analytical, technical, creative and user-oriented expertise.

As part of the planning of your project, you will be assigned both a consultant at our office in Copenhagen with experience in digital business concepts, as well as a project manager with great expertise in developing digital user interfaces. Through weekly workshops, ongoing dialogue, relevant analyses, and visualization of screens in wireframes, flowcharts and clickable prototypes, we get around all corners and map ambiguities. Before we finalize, the final graphic concept is developed and a budget is drawn up, as well as a concrete plan for development and the organization of the collaboration going forward, whatever needs to be worked AGILLY or in major version launches.

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Concept Development

Concept Development Process

  1. Workshops
1-5 weeks
imangu’s team
Customer | Project Manager | Sales Associate

Vi arbejder vi med udviklingen af konceptet via ugentlige workshops og løbende dialog, og fokus er fra start på bruger-rejsen. Til at starte med, vil vi primært lytte og stille både dybdegående og kritiske spørgsmål, for at få en god forståelse for projektet og slutbrugernes behov. Løbende byder vi ind med forslag og konkret viden, og allerede ved anden workshop vil vi typisk begynde at visualisere og lave flow-charts. Imellem workshops, vil vi være i løbende kontakt og der vil være adgang til at det vi laver i vores online miljø, hvor der også kan kommenteres, og stilles spørgsmål, deles filer og inspiration. På workshops går vi i dybden med ugens arbejde, og træffer beslutninger i fællesskab. Imellem workshops, vil vores kreative afdeling arbejde videre med projektet, baseret på de læringer vi opnår gennem workshops, og eventuelle analyser udføres imellem tiden, så vi er klædt godt på til at træffe beslutninger på den følgende workshop.   

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