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What is .NET

Microsoft.NET is an opensource cross-platform framework developed by Microsoft. The framework is used for a wide variety of applications, such as mobile and desktop apps, games, web pages, IOT devices.

.NET is open-source, and therefore has a very large community of developers making contributions. Microsoft is a strong partner in this community helping to maintain an helthy package ecosystem.

No matter if you are building your application with C#, F# or Visual Basic. Your code will be able to run native on any compatible platform. You also have the option to build cross platform and run the same application on multiple platforms.

Choosing to use .NET often mean to write the code in C#, that is the coding language native to the .NET framework. C# is an object-oriented programming language, that makes it great for building large and complex system as scalability is part the framework. Other features such as easy integration to Microsoft hosting environment Azure, makes it a great choice for building corporate and complex systems.

Users already utilizing Microsoft productivity services, such as Microsoft 365 or Dynamic 365 services will be able to  take advantage of the close cooperation between .NET and these professional services when building new application.

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