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Native apps

Native apps

Are native apps better than Cross Platform?

To begin pondering this question, we first need to understand that Android and Apple products run on 2 different operating systems, meaning that they run different programming languages.
So, what then is the difference between Native apps and React Native apps?
Native apps are basically built for each specific platform, meaning you must develop one app for Apple devices (iOS) and one app for Android devices (everything else). Cross Platform apps on the other hand, are built with tools that provide developers the possibility of only working on one codebase (primarily). Basically that means that you can develop an app for multiple platforms like iOS and Android by using one single code base (almost) Smart right?
However, since native apps are developed for a specific system, it means that native apps can deliver a better performance (typically) than cross-platform apps, making it ideal for heavy calculations, animations, lower battery usage etc. Also Native allows for optimal use of the device's hardware with almost no limitations to what can be done. How cool is that? 

Pros of native apps:

  • Highest performance
  • Low Battery usage
  • Takes up less space (MB)
  • Less reliance on a third-party company
  • Full access to

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