Alex Andersen Ølund A/S

Since 1964 Alex Andersen Ølund A/S has been one of Denmark’s leading logistics companies. They are specialized in flower transportation and with around 200 trucks and 550 employees, they are the biggest in the north and amongst the market leaders in Europe.


Within logistics, constant innovation is a necessity to stay competitive. For this reason, Alex Andersen Ølund A/S contacted imangu, with a vision of developing an App to administer their truck-fleet. With more than 500 employees, 200 trucks and 80 connected haulage vehicles, there was a lot of money to be saved on administration costs. The goal was to automatize and administer the inventory of each truck, warehouse, and the total in the fleet. Every time badge was delivered, and empty pallets were received, it was to be registered in the App. The App was also to be used by clients for ordering delivery/pickup, GPS tracking of the trucks, and registration of the rest periods for the drivers.


To properly analyze and concretize the various demands the App was to meet, we held several workshops with various employees, and spent a long time planning the development in detail. We suggested developing the App as Native for both the iOS and Android operating systems. Native Apps are the most complex to develop, but they also give provide a superior end-product. Native Apps provide a far better user-experience (faster load-times, better responsivity etc.) and also make possible a far more complex functionality. Especially the complexity was characteristical for the App, as it was to be integrated with a long line of functions in order to accommodate the comprehensive needs required.


The App has been received by both the administration and the drivers with great appreciation. It is the expectation that the App will boost productivity as well as reduce the costs considerably, and the first reactions give us ample ground to believe that the App will make work a lot easier for the employees. We are incredibly proud of the result – a user-friendly App, which has simplified a line of highly complex issues for the company and made them far more manageable.

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The Alex Andersen Ølund A/S App was designed and developed from scratch by imangu. During the 5 months long process, the following services and technologies were in included.

Project Management
Planning and Workshops
Native Android/iOS
Responsive Design
Back-End Server
Alan Chang
Project Manager
Alan Chang