Amongst other things, SISO is a company specialized in sales of diverse types of brackets, hinges and locks. With their innovating E-Lock, they’ve now boldly decided to lead the charge in modernizing the traditional padlock, thereby once and for all solving the problem of lost keys. 


SISO Contacted us with a vision of developing a smart iOS and Android based App for their newly developed, Bluetooth based padlock. The idea was an App from which the lock could be managed by a single touch. Furthermore, it was crucial to allow future E-Locks to be easily integrated into the App. Since the first E-Lock was already in production, there was an impending need for imangu to establish a co-operation with the factory, to ensure a smooth integration of the lock and the App.   


We suggested to develop the App as a Native Application – that is two Apps developed from scratch to fit iOS and Android. We suggested this because it gave the best possibilities for integrating both existing and future locks; provided better safety; ensured top-quality and lowered the battery usage considerably. We also suggested to define the Bluetooth stack (the protocols which define the communication between Smartphone/Tablet and the lock), so that the factory was able to build the lock correctly in the first go, thus keeping innovation and production costs to a minimum. 


imangu planned the project I close co-operation with both the customer and the factory in China. The result was a top-rated, smoothly functioning and user-friendly App, which has incorporated the best safety measures of today. The App enables owners of the Bluetooth padlock to manage it by a single touch, reducing the worry of lost keys to a quirky problem of the past. 

E-LOCKS Case Image

E-LOCKS was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. Over the course of 3 months, the following methodologies were applied.

Project Management
Native Android
Native iOS
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen
Project Manager
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen

imangu has planned, designed and developed our new app for controlling our proprietary Bluetooth padlock. The collaboration has worked impeccably and we ended up with exactly the product we wanted. We can recommend imangu to anyone who has a complicated app solution that needs to be developed from scratch.

Mark Deelman