Eurofins Pro

Eurofins Scientific is an International life science corporation specialized in offering clients various tests, sampling and analysis. The Eurofins Pro App automates and streamlines testing, analysis and reporting of results for the laboratory technicians.   


imangu was contacted by Eurofins Scientific, who wanted to develop an app that made testing, analysis and reporting of results easier for the laboratory technicians. The app was to be used on iPads and it was very important that the app was highly user-friendly, as far from all the employees were IT-savvy. The goal was to streamline and optimize the work flow, by automating the process of testing, analyzing and reporting the results.


imangu suggested to develop the app as a Native app for iOS – the operating system that runs on an iPad. The advantages in developing a Native app are plenty. Amongst others, all the functionalities and pre-installed apps on the iPad can be used and integrated; the battery usage can be reduced, and overall the quality of the app is simply top of the line. Building a Native app made it possible for our developers to customize an automated workflow of testing, analysis and reporting of results. We also offered to do a full UX (User Experience) test of the app.


The Eurofins Pro App has really streamlined the workflow of the laboratory technicians and other employees in the company and has thus reduced the cost associated with testing considerably. The automated flow from testing to reporting has been a huge success, and the user-friendly design and intuitive functionality of the app, has made it possible for all – young as well as senior – to use the app with ease.  

Eurofins Pro Case Image

The Eurofins Pro app was designed, planned and developed from scratch by imangu, over the course of 1 month. The following methods and technologies were applied in the process.

Project Management
Native iOS
UX testing
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen
Project Manager
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen