Panic App for your smartphone. Get help from your friends and helpful people in your area whenever you need it!


The customer came to us at imangu with the vision of developing an app, which was to function as a panic-button as well as an SOS-signal for users in need of help. The idea was to connect a network of helpers in the area near the victim, and to make it possible for other users to quickly find and aid persons in need or distress. Moreover, the app was required to be user-friendly and easy to navigate in highly stressful circumstances.

Our Solution

From the get go it was clear that it would be advantageous to build the app around the Google Maps API, as it operates with many of the core functions envisioned in the Panic App. We therefore suggested to develop the GPS map and the catalogue of user information by integrating the functions with the Google API. Furthermore, because stability, battery durability and performance where key factors in an SOS app, we suggested to develop it as a Native App for both iOS and Android.


When the customer presented us with the idea we immediately saw a huge potential, and even though the app required complicated programming, we are proud that Faver is incredibly easy to use. We are therefore very satisfied to have developed a piece of software, which speaks to the common family and is usable by all members, young as well as senior. The app has the potential to incorporate many future function, and we look forward to develop these in close co-operation with Faver. The app is free to use, and access to the helper network can be purchased for a small annual fee, so that you automatically receive notice when people close by are in need.

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FAVER was planned and developed from scratch by imangu. The following methodologies were applied in developing this project over the course of 3 months.

Project Management
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Native Android
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Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen
Project Manager
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen

Smooth app, nice to have something that makes you feel extra safe.

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