Mediawatch delivers critical and invaluable journalism about the media industry. MediaWatch thus functions as a necessary watchdog of what can also be referred to as the fourth state power.


MediaWatch contacted us in 2012, wanting to upgrade their webpage with the newest technology. Moreover, they sought for a web bureau that could take care of website maintenance, optimization, and further development. Since their website functions as a news-site with critical journalism, providing the grand oversight of trends and events in the Danish media industry, it is crucial that the site looks sharp and provides the reader with an easily manageable overview.


The original website was developed based on an old CMS (Content Management System), which did not allow for the flexibility in both design and functionality, that MediaWatch was looking for. We therefore suggested developing the new site based on Drupal CMS 6. Since Drupal is the far most flexible CMS on the market, and since it allows a tailored and unique design, integration of all thinkable functions on the website, as well as a user-friendly administration and edit of the content, this platform was the obvious choice.


MediaWatch is developed in a top modern design, giving new readers a highly professional firsthand impression. The website is easily navigated and is optimized for all screen types, which means that it can be read and loaded quickly from both phone, tablet and PC without compromising the design quality and aesthetics. Amongst other features, the website has an integrated and automatized newsletter, so that readers can receive news via e-mail, and furthermore, a live feed about job openings in the Danish media industry has been incorporated.


The MediaWatch website was designed and developed from scratch by imangu. Over the course of 6 months, the following services where provided.

Project Management
Drupal CMS
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen
Project Manager
Niels Krogsgaard Eskildsen

Mediawatch provides an overview of all events in and around the media industry and draws the lines when it comes to long-term tendencies. For example, the website provides information on reader ratings, listener rating, viewer ratings and number of online visitors. Add consumption, market shares, competition and Return on Investment, as well as business ideas, concept development and management.

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