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Novozymes is the world's leading supplier of bio-industrial products, with a global B2B billion-dollar trade. A strong digital profile is thus of the utmost importance, and we are proud to be a digital partner and supplier for Novozymes.

Planning & Web Development
Drupal CMS
12 month

Key findings


Novozymes contacted us in their search for a strong digital partner to handle Drupal based web development and consulting. In large organizations there are always a number of stakeholders, and for Novozymes it is no different. Therefore, an AGILe approach with multiple weekly meetings was needed from day 1. The first task consisted of developing a subdomain for the existing Novozymes website, where potential customers can easily get in touch, as well as search and find detailed information on the many bio-industrial solutions Novozymes offer. In addition, the task was to provide comprehensive UX tests to compare the usability of existing and newly developed features.


In close collaboration with external project owners and graphic designers, imangu has delivered both front-end and back-end development, as well as integrating existing systems into Novozymes IT environment. The powerful, progressive Javascript framewor kVue.Js was used for the front-end, and the back-end has been developed in Drupal CMS. The front-end also offers users intuitive and fine-grained product search, based on a combination of free-text search, tags and toggle buttons. UX tests were based on the 'Talk Aloud' methodology, where a combination of problem solving, data tracking and ethnographic interview techniques are applied. The UX-test was a comparison exercise in which the users performed the same tasks on both the previous website and the newly developed one. The results were summarized in a benchmarking report and data sets.


The first delivery was launched on schedule, in May 2020, and consists of a subdomain for the existing global Novozymes website. The new website scored high on all meassures of usability, and users found the information they are looking for easily and quickly. After launching, we have embarked on new deliveries, and imangu is proud to continue to deliver web-based, critical busness software for one of Denmark's largest global enterprises.


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