Rista provides a must have café subscription for the coffee drinking city dwellers. The Rista platform is app-based and guides subscribers to the local café, and the daily, free caffeine fix, as well as a discounted croissant or similar.


Behind Rista ApS stands the three young enthusiasts Christoffer, Patrick and Rasmus. With a strong combination of courage, sales experience, and sales experience, they have set out to digitize the Café scene in first Copenhagen, and then the international metropolises. The Rista concept digitizes the analog café experience, by adding the digital features consumers has grown accustomed to: efficiency and lower costs. With a strong concept in place, the challenge was to create a digital strategy for the roll-out of a sustainable MVP, and a roadmap for development and scaling.


The Rista App is developed as Native for both iOS and Android, in a bespoke design rooted in a warm and fresh visual concept that frames the Rista brand. The user experience is centered on an intuitive map and geo-tracking, so the user can easily find local Rista cafes. Each café offers its own menu, with both free coffee and selected side orders at a discount. With a simple verification flow, and automated subscription payment, just a few clicks are required from the app is opened until the user has a free, warm and invigorating cup of coffee in hand.


Both we and the Rista team are proud of how far we have come with version 1.0. The user experience is simple, fluid and intuitive, and the back end gives the rista administration the tools they need to increase loyalty and market themselves to cafes with relevant statistics on user behavior. We are all looking forward to a long collaboration, and already have an exciting backlog ready with both new user functions, integrations and administrative tools which allow Rista to hit the growth numbers that the concept and the three contractors' business potential promise.

Service & Technology

In close co-operation with the Rista founders, imangu has developed the digital concept, graphic design & visual identity, as well as app and back-end. The following services and technologies have been in play.

Concept Development & Digital Strategy
Graphic Design & Visual Branding
Project Management & Consulting
Native iOS & Android
Laravel/PHP back-end & App server
Subscription manager
Pawel Boruszczak
Project Manager