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Scanglas A/S

Online rebranding of Denmark's largest supplier of glass solutions

Modern architecture often involves large-scale glass facades and stylish glass interiors. SCANGLAS has  been an expert in this industry for 80 years, and we are proud to have helped with both design and develop a new website that showcases their beautiful work and makes it easier for both existing customers and potential new  partners to navigate among the many options SCANGLAS offers. We look forward to continue a long cooperation.

Scanglas A/S
Web Development
Drupal CMS
6 month


SCANGLAS A/S is Denmark's leading supplier of glass solutions that effectively lower energy consumption and improve light.  The company supplies glass solutions for many of the very large buildings, window products and interior market as well as for glaziers and carpenters.

SCANGLAS A/S was previously owned by Saint-Gobain and was acquired in January 2022 by one of Germany's largest and most progressive glass manufacturers: Semcoglas Holding GmbH.  In connection with the change of ownership, SCANGLAS wanted a complete redesign of their online presence, and optimization of the user experience with a focus on supporting their B2B business.


SCANGLAS A/S contacted us in search of an experienced digital partner to help them design and develop a new corporate website. The goal was to re-brand their online presence in modern and professional expression with a focus on user-friendliness for both existing customers, potential B2B customers as well as the B2C visitors. Thus, a differentiated user journey based on 3 different segments was planned, with an emphasis on increasing both lead generation as well as user-friendly and intuitive information presentation for existing customers.


The design of the website was created through several workshops and ongoing dialogue, where we moved from coarse wireframes and flow charts over the user journey (UX), to the final graphic design. From the start, S CANGLAS emphasized a professional and cleanlook, which was partly in line with their brand's visual identity, but also dared to challenge this. In addition, it was important that there was a certain common thread with the new owners – Semco's identity. The website had to be both designed and developed so that it scales responsively from mobile to full screen. Based on user data from the previous website, we started first with the design of the desktop version, and then mobile design.  In addition, a lot of time was spent on first analyzing existing content, and then developing a tailor-made system for intuitive navigation and search of products, detailed product information, downloadable and links to the existing B2B ordering platform.


The website is developed in the latest version of Drupal (version 9), a CMS known for both its flexibility and scalability, as well as security and stability. It was ready for content addition in June and launched in July 2022 in accordance with the schedule, after extensive testing. We are all proud of the result, which from the first page presents SCANGLAS services forward, by large beautiful pictures of both products and impressive customer cases.  The focus is on B2B customers while B2C visitors are guided to a separate universe of distributors and content targeted to their needs.  The time spent on quality assurance has been well spent, and the website scales nicely whether you access it from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or extra-large screens, and has an impressive load speed. The website is also fully optimized for SEO work according to all the rules of the art, so SCANGLAS can also work with SEO as part of the marketing work in  the future.

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imangu has been an incredibly professional partner in the process of developing our new website. Throughout the entire process, Imangu has shown a high level of empathy towards our universe and our desires, which has been crucial for the excellent result we have today.

Thomas Kipling
Marketing Manager

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