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We had the pleasure of collaborating with to create a personalized baby journal web application. Our team dedicated extensive effort to develop a user-friendly platform where new parents can document their child's early years.

Planning & Web Development
6 month


SpecialDay is a Danish company that designs baby journals, stationery, and textiles for families with small children. They had an idea to create a customized line of products and sought out an IT company that can make their idea come to life.


Our team encountered various obstacles while developing the baby journal application. One of the most significant hurdles was designing a high-contrast visual design that was both appealing and functional. We also had to ensure that the application was scalable and compatible with different browsers, both on desktop and mobile platforms. Finally, we had to ensure that the text input by users would fit perfectly on the printed page regardless of the font used, which required careful optimization.


To address these challenges, we utilized HTML5, jQuery, and PHP technologies to develop a responsive and user-friendly web application. We started by wireframing the application, then created a prototype that underwent thorough testing to ensure that the user experience was optimal and the application was scalable and intuitive.


The personalized baby journal web application we developed for has been hugely successful. New parents can now create a beautiful, customized journal online and add memories from any location. Once the journal is complete, it is sent to a high-quality printer, printed, and delivered to the customer. Our team provides ongoing support to ensure the application runs smoothly and to implement necessary updates.

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