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In the summer of 2021, Brunata approached us to create an app that helps residents to have a transparent overview of their energy consumption. The goal was to build a user-friendly native app for iOS and Android, showcasing household consumption data via API integrations with the Brunata back-end. We launched the app in the autumn of 2021 in multiple countries and numerous languages.

Native apps
6 month


Brunata is one of Europe’s leading specialists in intelligent energy metering, consumption accounts, and property-based IoT solutions. Their core service is metering and consumption allocation, and they also offer a wide range of services to make everyday life easier for residents, administrators, and owners of residential and commercial buildings. Since 1918, Brunata has been providing innovative metering services in Denmark, Germany, and other parts of Europe and helping people with over 100 years of experience. Their goal is to bring cleantech to doorsteps all over Europe, save resources and improve quality of life.


Scoping the needs

In June 2021, the Brunata team asked us to create an app that fits their visual identity and strictly followed the established design system for the corresponding web-platform. Due to legal requirements, they needed the app as soon as possible, so our team had four intensive months to be ready for the first launch. As always, we had weekly workshops and several meetings to get to know the business and scope their needs. The initial requirements included creating a front-end native app and developing API integrations with their back-end environment.


One of the significant challenges we faced was to ensure the seamless integration of Brunata’s online platform and data services with mobile applications. Another challenge was to build a user-friendly interface that could present complex data in a simple and easy-to-understand way, while adhering to an already established design. We thus worked closely with the client’s technical team to ensure a stable, efficient and secure data stream. 


During the planning phase, we conducted extensive wireframing to optimize the user interface for both platforms. As Brunata already had a website, we designed the app based on their strict specifications and to reflect their own visual identity that they developed on the website. The final solution we created was a user-friendly mobile application that allows residents to view their energy consumption data over time. The applications also feature data visualization and comparison tools that make it easy for customers to understand their energy consumption patterns and identify areas where they can reduce their usage. The native app is available for both iOS and Android. 



We are proud that the mobile applications we developed for Brunata have been well-received by both the company and its customers. By using the app, residents can now easily access their energy consumption data on the go, giving them a transparent overview, so they can be encouraged to have energy-efficient practices. The project with Brunata is an ongoing collaboration, and currently, we are reworking the UI and UX. We look forward to working together on more projects to create innovative solutions for energy management.

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