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Air cleaning devices in a car factory


Imangu is proud to have partnered with Plymovent, a global leader that designs and sells products to provide clean air at workplaces such as fire stations and heavy industries. Our team built a cutting-edge website by using the latest version of Drupal 9, as well as a fully custom, login-based document database for clients, developed in Laravel. As they are an international company that delivers its products worldwide, we aimed to deliver a user-friendly, visually appealing, and highly functional website that reflects Plymovent’s values and enhances its online presence Globally. 

Planning & Web Development
Drupal CMS
6 month

Leading the Clean Air Industry: Plymovent's Profile

The story of Plymovent dates back to 1975 when there were two start-ups with two different strategies but with one common goal: clean air for employees worldwide. Through an acquisition in 1989, Plymovent was born. The company’s mission stayed the same over almost 50 years: clean air at work for everyone and everywhere. They do it by providing innovative solutions for capturing and filtering hazardous airborne particles in various industrial settings, such as garages and fire stations.

Since 1975, they have provided clean air at work to more than 50.000 different companies worldwide. 


Scoping the needs: Building a website for a global audience

Pymovent contacted our team, and the collaboration started in April 2022. Being a forward-thinking company, they needed a modern and dynamic website that showcases their expertise and solutions to a global audience. As always, the first steps included long hours talking about the project and goals and brainstorming about possible directions and technical possibilities in order to find the best solution. Their initial requirement was to use the latest version of Drupal 9 to create a CMS website of the highest quality, and to differentiate the user experience for very different audiences. Together, we outlined the website specifications, such as including different types of pages, focusing on calls to action, ensuring a responsive website, and creating a user-friendly product flow with customizable blocks that could be efficiently reused across various page types. At this stage, we outlined the timeline and an estimated budget based on the website specifications, and finally, we set the deadline for launching the website for the first language, which was the middle of December 2022.

Planning: the visual concept

After analyzing the business and exploring its needs, we jumped into the fun part of the work: visualizing the concept together with the client. At imangu, we put a great emphasis on fully customized digital solutions, which are tailored to the business demands. We do this through ongoing communication with the client over Slack or phone calls and creative online workshops. During the concept design, we drafted some user flows, information architecture, and complete bespoke wireframing in Figma to ensure a user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as a highly differentiated user experience for different client audiences. Next, we worked on a responsive UI design so the graphic design is suitable both for desktop and mobile screens. As part of the process, we also created interactive UI and UX prototypes with ongoing adjustments as we got feedback from the client. By the end of the planning phase, we delivered a fully responsive web design after playing a little bit with different styles that still fit the existing corporate guidelines.

Solution: imangu's Application Solution

After the planning phase, the development phase began, during which we built and tested the specific technologies. To meet Plymovent's requests, we used the PHP framework in order to create a Drupal 9 website. Throughout development we conducted tests and quality assurance to make sure that everything worked smoothly. We gradually opened up the website for content creation by the marketing team at Plymovent, and provided training through video, live sessions, and written support to the Plymovent staff to show them how to use the CMS. Based on the discussions with Plymovent, the front end is built to be responsive on different screens, such as mobile, tablet, and large screens. Because the client focuses on generating leads, it was a priority to focus on the call to action and highlighting the company's unique selling points and social proof. As Plymovent sells its products for different industries, user-segmented flows based on content relevance were important during development. As for the techy back-end part, leveraging the power of Drupal, our team developed a scalable and multilingual website architecture, facilitating smooth content migration and easy management of language layers. Considering Plymovent's global presence and multiple locations, we integrated many language layers and dynamic content based on location. The dynamic content automatically adjusts based on the user's country of access, providing a personalized and localized experience. 

At this stage, we also set up the CMS, e-mail newsletter integration, and hotjar implementation to get insight into user behavior analytics. Moreover, we later added a Laravel based ‘Extranet’, a fully custom developed cloud based document folder, for an easily accessed, and customizable database for existing Plymovent clients.

Clean Air, Clear Results: Plymovent's Website Success

By December 2022, the website was launched in the first language, so from there, only translations were needed for other languages. After launch, new features were implemented with an agile approach where a limited set of features were designed, developed, and tested. Our team also added and optimized features based on concrete user feedback and analytics. The outcome of the project was a visually appealing, user-friendly, and highly functional website that effectively represents Plymovent's brand and offerings. The optimized, responsive design has ensured a seamless browsing experience across different devices, leading to increased traffic and user retention. Due to serving various industries, users can search for products related to the industry they work in. Finally, those who want to learn more can spend some time reading articles and case studies from Plymovent. The new website has provided Plymovent with an enhanced online presence, improved user engagement, and increased lead generation. Overall, the collaboration between imangu and Plymovent has resulted in a modern, dynamic, and impactful website that serves as a valuable asset for Plymovent's digital marketing efforts.

We have the pleasure of working with Imangu to build a new website for our business. From the start, they showcase their expertise and deliver an outstanding product that perfectly aligns with our needs.

One of the standout aspects of working with Imangu is their flexibility. They actively listen to our ideas and goals, providing valuable insights and suggestions along the way. Our new website is like a breath of fresh air; easy to navigate, provides content in a user-friendly way, and showcases our products beautifully.

Anita Adams
Marketing Manager

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